An indispensable reference for anyone interested in any aspect of the economics of poverty by the indisputable world expert in this area.François Bourguignon, Former Director of the Paris School of Economics.

A masterful book. It indicates how complex the issues are, but also shows the reader how to think clearly about that complexity.” Rebecca Blank, Chancellor of the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

Many economics students are motivated by the struggle for a better world. Here, at last, is the book for them. Building on extensive research, Ravallion asks: What can we learn about poverty from past thinkers? How should we measure poverty? What reduces it? Readers don’t need prior knowledge of economics: this clear, rigorous text teaches the economic basics, not as a chore, but as part of learning what’s wrong and how to put it right.Michael Lipton, Research Professor of Economics, University of Sussex

This book is a tour de force. Covering history of thought, analytical tools and policy issues, it provides an indispensable introduction to the economics of poverty. Martin Ravallion is a global leader in the field of poverty analysis. His book will prove to be of lasting value not only to students, but also to seasoned researchers and policy analysts.” Ravi Kanbur, T.H. Lee Professor of World Affairs and Professor of Economics, Cornell University

This landmark book demonstrates clearly and convincingly the power of economic ideas and analysis in tackling the blight of global poverty and provides the perfect grounding—rigorous  yet inspirational—for young scholars seeking to help the world’s poorest.Lyn Squire, Director of the World Bank’s 1990 World Development Report, Poverty

For the first time in history, we have the knowledge and tools to end extreme poverty. Dr. Ravallion’s insightful and practical analysis provides a blueprint for the next generation of leaders to seize this opportunity and build vibrant, inclusive economies.Rajiv Shah, Former Administrator of the United States Agency for International Development

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