Alternative paths through the book

EOP follows a (hopefully) clear logical path from cover to cover. Some readers may not want to follow that path. Here is a guide for some (stylized) specialized readers.

Type of reader

Suggested path

You want an introduction to the economics of poverty. You either know economics to intermediate level or you don’t feel the need for a deeper understanding. Read the text, largely (or selectively) ignoring the boxes.
As above, but you are mainly interested in policy. As above, but you can safely skip Part 2.
You want to learn economics but with a focus on the more “micro” side of poverty analysis, especially measurement and evaluation. Parts 1 and 2 and Chapter 10 in Part 3 (including boxes).
As above, but you only want to learn the “macro” side of poverty analysis. Parts 1 and 3 (including boxes), but you can skip Chapter 10.


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